About Midwest Road Trip Adventures

Way, way back in May of 2020, Dannelle Gay had an idea: wouldn’t it be great to write a book about Midwest road trips? And how about inviting writers who live in those Midwestern states to contribute? Writers who know their states, love them, and are ambassadors for their homes?

Dannelle made it happen. She invited writers in each of the twelve states to contribute. We were two months into a pandemic, but we said yes anyway.

We researched. We wrote. And by the end of that year, these eleven authors (one had to drop out because of a conflict) published a book showcasing the incredible variety and excitement of the heartland of America.

A lot has changed since then. Some businesses have closed, some have opened. Many of us have written more books and gotten to know our states even better than we had.

We think you’ll be amazed by everything the Midwest has to offer. As Dannelle said in the first edition:

This book takes travelers along some of the most storied highways and byways in the nation, including The Great River Road and Route 66.

Stops include historic lighthouses along the shores of Lake Erie in Ohio, canyons in Kansas, crystal clear springs in Michigan, Underground Railroad history in Illinois, Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, and authentic fish boils in Wisconsin’s Door County.

Movie fans can visit the ballpark from A League of Their Own in Indiana or tour Iowa covered bridges showcased in the The Bridges of Madison County.

We’re passionate about this supposed “fly-over country,” and all of us wanted to release a second edition so we could continue to highlight its unique attractions, natural beauty, and friendly people. Midwest Nice is real.

And here it is! We’ve reviewed every recommended place, removed those that have closed and added some new spots. We’ve included maps for each state, so you can get a general idea of where each road trip starts and ends. We’ve moved websites to their own Appendix, making it easier to enjoy the narrative. 

This companion website includes a page for each state where you’ll find the links to featured businesses and attractions, where available.

It’s been an honor to contribute to this book, and an even greater honor to be entrusted with publishing the second edition.

We love the Midwest, and it is our hope that Midwest Road Trip Adventures helps you discover the variety, the beauty, the complexity, and the wonder of this heartland of America.

Theresa L. Goodrich

Publisher, The Local Tourist