Wisconsin Road Trips

Wisconsin is an amazing state, founded in 1848. It’s known to many as either the “Badger State” or “America’s Dairyland.” as it has more dairy cows than any other state (1,500,000!) and produces more milk than any other state.

South Dakota Road Trips

Mount Rushmore in South Dakota

The state of South Dakota is an intriguing and sparsely populated package of breathtaking scenery, outdoor adventures, bustling cities, and acres of farmland and ranches.

Ohio Road Trips

Visitors will find that Ohio offers something for everyone from the shores of Lake Erie to the banks of the Ohio River.

North Dakota Road Trips

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

North Dakota is a road tripper’s dream. Its wide-open spaces are dotted with laid back cities, untamed landscapes, quirky roadside attractions and stoic settings straight out of Great Plains history.

Nebraska Road Trips

Lincoln Highway painted on rock with old car in background

Many people view Nebraska as a flat state with little to offer visitors. If you drive through the state along Interstate 80, it might seem that way—nothing but cornfields and cow pastures. But the view from that particular stretch of asphalt doesn’t even begin to tell the full story.

Missouri Road Trips

St. Louis Arch

Missouri is commonly called the “Show-Me State” by residents and visitors alike. Missourians are known to be welcoming to tourists visiting their state’s many beautiful and fun landmarks, and they’re more than likely going to be right there enjoying the sights along with you. 

Minnesota Road Trips

Known for being the “land of ten thousand lakes,” Minnesota actually has nearly eleven thousand lakes. Lake Superior, the world’s largest freshwater lake borders Minnesota on the North Shore.

Michigan Road Trips

Michigan is a great state, founded in 1837 and known to many as the Great Lakes State, as it touches four of the five Great Lakes.

Kansas Road Trips

Arikaree Breaks in Kansas

The beautiful state of Kansas gets its nickname, the Sunflower State, from the wild sunflowers that highlight its open spaces, and nearly three million people call it home.

Iowa Road Trips

Covered Bridge in Iowa

From the flatlands in the North Central part of the state to the rolling hills in the Southwest, Iowa will surprise you.

Indiana Road Trips

Corydon Indiana courthouse with historical marker in front - seen on Indiana Road Trips

There is a lot to discover in this beautiful state, which is recognized for its state parks, gigantic tenderloins, Hoosier hospitality, the Indy 500, a fantastic state fair, lakes, caverns, trails, and rich history.

Illinois Road Trips

Sign for beginning of Route 66 in Chicago Illinois with stairs to el tracks behind

From the booming metropolis of Chicago to the small city of Metropolis, from land that feeds the world to innovation that changed it.