Indiana Road Trips

By Jamie Ward

Indiana is a flourishing Midwest state that was founded in 1816. It is known to many as “The Hoosier State” and houses roughly 6.85 million people. There is a lot to discover in this beautiful state, which is recognized for its state parks, gigantic tenderloins, Hoosier hospitality, the Indy 500, a fantastic state fair, lakes, caverns, trails, and rich history.

I was born and raised in Indiana, the Hoosier state. I love everything here, from the cornfields to the State Capitol. Indiana is full of beauty, from our ample state parks, hiking, and nature, to our bustling college towns and inviting metropolitan areas.

Whether you are on the hunt for waterfalls, tenderloins, sugar cream pies, fossils, caves, or even murals, you can find them in Indiana. The highways and byways of this state lead to treasures and trails full of adventure and exploring—with plenty of good eats and local favorites along the way.

Ready to eat a tenderloin bigger than your face? How about stomping through some creeks to find fossils? Maybe tour a historical figure’s birthplace? Or explore caves and caverns? An Indiana road trip brings these adventures and much more. But perhaps the best incentive to take a road trip through Indiana is the “Hoosier hospitality” that local business owners display, which contributes to the state’s tourism brand: “Honest-to-Goodness Indiana.”

We’ll explore the Historic National Road, America’s first and most crucial highway. I’ll introduce you to small towns with significant experiences and friendly communities. In northern Indiana, we’ll dip our toes into Lake Michigan and explore Amish country. And, of course, no road trip in Indiana is complete without venturing through the historic south. I suggest checking the local counties and businesses for policies that may affect hours and access to all road trips.

Indiana Road Trips

  1. Historic National Road
  2. Lincoln Highway Byway
  3. Indiana Highway 7 & 46
  4. Ohio River Scenic Byway

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Historic National Road   

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Indiana Highway 7 & 46

Ohio River Scenic Byway