People LOVE Midwest Road Trip Adventures, 2nd Edition. Here’s proof:

Filled with fun facts and history along with interesting local points of interest, this book is a must-read for anyone road-tripping through the American Midwest.

April Berry,

We all love a great road trip and this book is a comprehensive guide to the best road trips the Midwest has to offer.

Lori Helke,

Showcasing a part of the country I love telling people about that doesn’t get nearly the love and admiration it should.

Melody Pittman,

I’ve lived in the Midwest my whole life and I honestly didn’t know about many landmarks and sights referenced in this book!

I absolutely love road trips, so this was a must have for me. I can’t wait to start planning out new trips for my family with the help of this book. So many things to do and sights to see. My grandsons are going to find out how great this part of the country really is when they see all it has to offer.


As a fellow midwesterner, I couldn’t believe how many fun and amazing places are right around me that I’ve never heard up. This book will take the plan out of planning! Pick a chapter and adventure on! Oh – and the maps are such a nice touch. Highly recommend!

Samantha Stringer

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